North Fork Feather River

We checked out of the motel this morning and moved over to the church in town that lets hikers camp for free. They also have wifi so I used that for a while and then went back to the Pine Shack Frosty for another burger and giant milkshake, boysenberry this time.


We eventually hitched back to the trail with a couple on a long road trip for their honeymoon. There were friends and trail magic there so I grabbed a soda and chips and chatted for a bit before hiking out.

I made it 9.4 miles to the North Fork Feather River and set up camp. Most people were cowboy camped but I set up my tent because there are still mosquitoes. I was happy to have done so when it started raining just after dark. Everyone else scrambled to set up their tents, only to have the rain stop as soon as they did.

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  1. You were always and still are the smart one. 🙂

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