It rained off and on all night but was mostly stopped when I decided to start getting up at 7:00. I took my time and finally left camp at 8:20.

I started with my rain jacket on but was too warm within 15 minutes and took it off. Not enough rain was making it through the trees to even get too many splashes on my shirt.  The trail entered the West Canada Lake Wilderness shortly into my day.

The ford that was marked on my map was actually not a ford, just one of many like creeks to cross on this trail. I was starting to think that it would be a pretty nice day after all and maybe my feet wouldn’t get soaked again when it suddenly started pouring. It was too fast to get my jacket back on and I knew I was getting close to a lean-to so I just kept going as my shirt sleeves and shoulders got soaked.

I stopped at Spruce Lake Lean-to #1 and tried to wring my shirt out but couldn’t get much out of the quick-dry fabric. I put my rain jacket back on over the soaked shirt to at least help keep some heat in and then had my morning snack. There was no point sitting around soaked after that so I got moving again. All day rains are good for getting miles in because there’s literally nothing else to do and walking keeps you warm.

The rain eventually lightened up again but switched back and forth all day. It may have even stopped raining once or twice but it’s hard to tell because the trees will keep dripping for a while regardless. The trail was extra muddy, of course, and it was pointless to avoid the puddles but I still mostly tried to out of habit.

I stopped at West Canada Creek Lean-to for lunch and managed a 40-minute break before I was getting chilled again and kept going. I didn’t plan to stop for an afternoon snack since there were no lean-tos midway through. I slogged right through to camp at Cedar Lakes Lean-to #1, arriving earlier than expected. 18.5 miles before 5:00.

The lean-to was empty and the rain was mostly stopped. I filled up water at the lake and then got in the lean-to to put dry clothes on. There’s nothing like dry clothes after being wet all day. I really haven’t been that soaked on a trail in a while. Luckily, this is the worst forecasted day of the week and it’s over now.

I hung up my things to dry and cooked dinner while reading. One other northbound hiker from Montreal came in and we commiserated over the weather while eating dinner. It was a quiet, early night.

I did have to put my gross, sopping shoes back on once to pee, brush my teeth, and tie my Ursack up. Then it was back to dry socks and sleeping bag.