On to Bishop

The folks at the motel make a delicious breakfast so I grabbed a breakfast burrito before leaving. I also picked up an awesome care package of tasty goodies at the post office. Thanks, Yvonne! And thanks also to Stretch’s stepmom for including some stuff for me in her care package!

The hitch to Bishop was easy. Animal and I got picked up by a guy with a sister on the trail. He dropped us off at the Hostel California, a funky little place that’s only a year old. I love it! There’s a music room with a piano, guitars, and some percussion boxes. There are free hot dogs at 4:20 every day. Everyone is super friendly and respectful and yet there are no rules posted anywhere and the owner is fairly hands off. It may be my favorite hostel I’ve ever stayed in.

Stretch wanted to cook since it’s the first kitchen we’ve had access to so we came up with a menu and got a ride to the grocery store. After checking out, the second guy I asked for a ride said he was more than happy to bring us back and also left us his phone number if we needed more rides later. Thanks, Randy!

The rest of the afternoon was spent cooking. Fannie Farmer’s mac and cheeses, breaded chicken tenders, broccoli, salad, and cupcakes. It was so good!


While we were eating, some pretty high level jamming was going on in the music room, so we also had some excellent live music. The night ended with more music and some Cards Against Humanity.


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  1. Looks like fun and I love the pics, especially the lake and mountains in your other post. That is one terrific pic.

  2. Sounds like an awesome place. I could see you running a place like that. 🙂

  3. Glad you got some food!

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