Out of Isabella

More town chores this morning, and then we tried to get late checkout but had to leave the motel earlier than anticipated. After that, it was a scramble to find somewhere with outlets to hang out to charge devices until we left town later in the afternoon.

We started hitching about 5:30 and the group I was with was not having any luck. The two lane road back to Walker Pass turns into a freeway right before town so we had to hitch near the exit and most people were probably not going as far as we needed. We decided to take the bus to Onyx, halfway back, and try hitching from there. (The bus all the way to Walker Pass does not run on Tuesdays.) It took a while but two guys in a two door car stopped and four of us squeezed in the back seat, with three packs in the trunk, and one pack on the guy’s lap in the passenger seat.


We hiked only 2.3 miles up to a saddle to camp. It’s windy but we are in a sheltered spot. Weather is supposed to stay a little cooler now, which I am very excited about.


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  1. Sounds like a clown car. 🙂

  2. Hope it cools down for you!! Keep on rocking it!

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