Looking for another spot to take my new kayak, I found Arrowhead Mountain Lake in Milton on the map.  It’s part of the Lamoille River Paddlers Trail, being a lake only because they dammed the Lamoille River here.

We launched from the access area on Route 104A in Milton at the northeastern end of the lake.  We paddled east under the railroad trestle and up the Lamoille River a little bit to see what the rapids up there looked like.  We didn’t make it too far before the current became harder to fight and we turned back to explore the lake proper.

The northeastern part of the lake is pretty marshy and we were able to see a couple of herons while paddling through.  We tried to just float and make as little noise as possible, but eventually they’d see us and fly away.

Going down into the narrow middle part of the lake, we could see people’s docks here and there so it appears to be mostly a private lake.  I’m glad there was some public access available for us to get in.

We made it down near where the lake opens up again right before the dam and stopped to have a snack and float for a bit.  Then we paddled back the way we’d come, up a different route through the marshy area this time.

Motorboats are allowed here but we only saw a couple of other people out.  It was nice to have the water mostly to ourselves on this beautiful day.  We ended up paddling a little over 7 miles without quite reaching the northernmost and southernmost areas of the lake.