Monadnock Sunapee Greenway Trail

I’ve been so excited for this hike for months.  A thru hike is a thru hike, even if it is only 48 miles!  And the Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway Trail is close to home to boot!  There were supposed to be four of us hiking but some last minute changes in work plans led to three of… Read more »

Onion River Race and Ramble

I was invited to join the Onion River Race and Ramble with some friends who had an extra kayak.  It’s a 10.5 mile paddle down the Winooski River that benefits Friends of the Winooski and you can sign up in multiple categories but it basically boils down to racing (competitive) or rambling (lazy).  We rambled, of… Read more »

Long Trail – Lincoln Gap to Route 2

I’m trying to finish my Long Trail section hike this year and just need a few weekends to do it.  The first was this weekend, Lincoln Gap to Route 2, with Switchfoot and Owen.  They met at my place Friday night and we drove up to Lincoln Gap Saturday morning to get started. The Long… Read more »

Appalachian Trail Vermont – Stage Road to Podunk Road

I have been eagerly anticipating my first overnight hike of the season.  I had to push it a week due to bad weather, but it finally happened!  I took some ladies from OWA out for a short jaunt on the Appalachian Trail in Vermont. I haven’t fully packed my pack in a while, and I… Read more »


I thought the earth remembered me, she took me back so tenderly, arranging her dark skirts, her pockets full of lichens and seeds.  I slept as never before, a stone on the riverbed, nothing between me and the white fire of the stars but my thoughts, and they floated light as moths among the branches… Read more »

No Man’s Land Film Festival

Jenn and I went down to the Boston area to check out the No Man’s Land Film Festival on tour yesterday, hosted by Outdoor Women’s Alliance.  But first, we stopped at the Middlesex Fells Reservation for a quick hike. We walked a loop including Bellevue Pond and Wright’s Tower.  The trail system there seemed extensive,… Read more »

Mount Ascutney

I volunteer as the Vermont event coordinator for the Outdoor Women’s Alliance New England grassroots team, but over the past couple of months, my events kept getting canceled due to snow storms.  We finally got out this month for a hike up Mount Ascutney.  Since it’s mud season, most of the trails are not in… Read more »

Long Trail – App Gap to Mad River Glen

The plan was to hike the Long Trail from Appalachian Gap to Lincoln Gap, which is ambitious enough in winter at 11.6 miles (plus 1.9 miles of closed Lincoln Gap Road).  It goes over two 4,000 footers plus four other peaks.  Add in the 2 to 3 feet dump of snow we received this week,… Read more »

Book Review: Married to the Trail

Now that I’ve done the AT and the PCT, the logical next step is the CDT – the Continental Divide Trail.  I don’t have plans to do it any time soon, but it doesn’t hurt to start reading about it!  The CDT runs from Mexico to Canada up the Continental Divide.  According to the CDTC,… Read more »

A Warm Winter Weekend at Bryant Camp

I booked this weekend at Bryant Camp over a month ago.  It’s a newly renovated cabin a mile up a backcountry ski trail in Bolton Valley.  The end of February should be perfect skiing weather, right?  Not any more.  It was in the 50s-60s all week and we lost tons of snow in the thaw…. Read more »

  • Book Review: Walking with Spring

    Earl Shaffer was the first person to thru hike the Appalachian Trail back in 1948. He had to recover mentally from WWII and decided the woods were the best place to do that. The trail in that time had fallen into disrepair in many places and Shaffer did a lot of bushwhacking and guessing to… Read more »

  • Lightweight vs Ultralight – Shelter

    I definitely wanted to upgrade my tent since I started out with a Mountainsmith Satellite – over 4 pounds, not freestanding, could barely fit my boots in the vestibule, and couldn’t fit anything but myself sleeping in the tent. I started looking at lighter tent options. Most of those are just wide enough to fit… Read more »

  • PA Ruck

    I went to the PA Ruck this weekend, a gathering of previous and potential thruhikers to discuss the trail and give presentations. It was at the Bear’s Den Trail Center in Bluemont, VA, and a gorgeous location it was too. I arrived after dinner Friday but just in time to hear a women-specific presentation, then… Read more »

  • Book Review: Hike Your Own Hike

    I think I came across this book by Francis Tapon because it was mentioned in a trail journal. I’m not usually one for self help books but it had good reviews and was less than $3 for the kindle version so I decided to give it a shot and I’m so glad I did. Tapon… Read more »

  • Shakedown report

    Well my hike went well but I had to cut it short. The first day was gorgeous and I got started at the southern trailhead at 8am going at a quick pace. I stopped for lunch at 11:30 and had already gone 9 miles. I tried to stretch occasionally since I haven’t really been exercising… Read more »

  • Batona shakedown

    I want to do a solo weekend backpack to get the feel of it by myself and try out all the equipment I’d be potentially taking on the AT, some of it new to me. To that end, I’ve been thinking of hiking all of the Batona Trail over New Years weekend since I’ll already… Read more »

  • Book Review: There are Mountains to Climb

    At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy this book by Jean Deeds since her hike happened almost twenty years ago and I wanted to focus on more recent depictions of the trail, but I’m so glad I got it. I like reading the stories of other women, and although she was at… Read more »

  • Book Review: Last Child in the Woods

    I loved this book by Richard Louv. He talks about how today’s children are suffering from “nature deficit disorder” and what we can do about it. He discusses some of the reasons why kids are no longer getting regular, if any, time outdoors (no time in super structured lives, fear of strangers and unknown, no… Read more »

  • Book Review: AWOL on the Appalachian Trail

    This book by David Miller was different from the other ones I’ve read so far. The writing was a lot more dry in some places as he was more detailed in the things that actually made up his day as opposed to talking about his thoughts and philosophizing. It was quite an interesting read because… Read more »