Cohos Trail Day 13, Deer Mountain Campground to Canada

Spoon had arrived shortly after I’d gone to bed but I couldn’t hear it over the neighbors.  I got out of my tent this morning to find him already making wonderful breakfast sandwiches for us.  It was actually an appropriately cold morning for the time of year so hot breakfast was extra awesome. We took… Read more »

Cohos Trail Day 12, Neil Tillotson Hut to Deer Mountain Campground

It was actually slightly chilly this morning, the first time on this whole trip.  I hated to leave Tillotson but it felt good to start hiking. We reached Route 3 in short order and crossed over it to the Bog Bridge Trail, named for the 800′ bog bridge there that is believed to be the… Read more »

Cohos Trail Day 11, Lake Francis to Neil Tillotson Hut

It was a beautiful morning on the lake.  After eating breakfast and packing up, we walked back down to the little trail we’d found to the beach and took it back to the Lake Francis Trail.  It was an easy, wide trail, only overgrown sometimes, and we made great time to the top of Lake… Read more »

Cohos Trail Day 10, Coleman State Park to Lake Francis

I slept wonderfully and woke up to read for a little bit in the early morning.  I could hear the loons on the pond again all morning. After eating breakfast, I went up to the bathhouse to see if any of my laundered clothes were dry.  Some of them were dry-ish but luckily there was… Read more »

Cohos Trail Day 9, Baldhead Lean-to to Coleman State Park

It was so warm in the night that I got up to pee just as an excuse to get out of my sleeping bag and stand in the woods for ten minutes.  A mist blew in during the morning that made things feel cooler just because they were damp, and the trees were even dripping… Read more »

Cohos Trail Day 8, Nash Stream to Baldhead Lean-to

We had to go back over the bridge this morning and we could see the hornets still flying around their side of it.  Although very paranoid, we went very slowly one at a time and no one got stung this time.  I was happy to be past it.  The stings were swelling even more today… Read more »

Cohos Trail Day 7, Stark to Nash Stream

We all met on the porch in the morning to sort laundry and repack while Nancy was making breakfast.  And a delicious breakfast it was with scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, orange juice, potatoes, and sausage bread.  Nancy was an excellent cook and hostess and we really enjoyed our time at the inn.  She’s also very… Read more »

Cohos Trail Day 6, Cabot Cabin to Stark

I woke up for a while in the night because it was so warm, even though a mist was coming in and soaking the half of my sleeping bag facing towards the outside of the porch.  I caught a few good glimpses of stars despite the mist. When it was morning, we packed up to… Read more »

Cohos Trail Day 5, Jefferson to Cabot Cabin

It was another warm night and I was awoken in the middle of it by Chuckles whisper-yelling at an animal.  Apparently, a skunk was walking around and had walked right over Kyle in his bivy sack. I woke again later in the morning and we all had a leisurely breakfast before going back to the… Read more »

Cohos Trail Day 4, Mount Martha to Jefferson

We had briefly discussed yesterday that the sunrise would probably be great from Mount Martha but I’m never very good at getting up that early.  Luckily, I was already awake and reading when I heard someone else whisper “Sunrise!” so I got out of my tent to join the viewing party.  It was a pretty… Read more »

  • Batona shakedown

    I want to do a solo weekend backpack to get the feel of it by myself and try out all the equipment I’d be potentially taking on the AT, some of it new to me. To that end, I’ve been thinking of hiking all of the Batona Trail over New Years weekend since I’ll already… Read more »

  • Book Review: There are Mountains to Climb

    At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy this book by Jean Deeds since her hike happened almost twenty years ago and I wanted to focus on more recent depictions of the trail, but I’m so glad I got it. I like reading the stories of other women, and although she was at… Read more »

  • Book Review: Last Child in the Woods

    I loved this book by Richard Louv. He talks about how today’s children are suffering from “nature deficit disorder” and what we can do about it. He discusses some of the reasons why kids are no longer getting regular, if any, time outdoors (no time in super structured lives, fear of strangers and unknown, no… Read more »

  • Book Review: AWOL on the Appalachian Trail

    This book by David Miller was different from the other ones I’ve read so far. The writing was a lot more dry in some places as he was more detailed in the things that actually made up his day as opposed to talking about his thoughts and philosophizing. It was quite an interesting read because… Read more »

  • Book Review: Empty Hands

    I absolutely loved this book by Arthur Stringer. My aunt told me about it while we were camping in Montana in May, saying it was my great-grandpa’s favorite book but it had been lost on lending it to someone who never returned it. I went on amazon and got a 1924 edition very cheap right… Read more »

  • More hiking

    I’ve been doing a good amount of hiking in the past two months, and each hike confirms what I want to do. When I was out visiting a friend in Arizona, we hiked on the Bright Angel Trail of the Grand Canyon. We also went down to Sedona area and hiked up Wilson Mountain, the… Read more »

  • Book Review: Solo: On Her Own Adventure

    I enjoyed this collection of stories by women recounting their solo adventures in not only backpacking but many outdoor activities. It’s good to see other women accomplishing their goals alone, the reason behind why they do it, and how they deal with other people’s nay-saying. It’s a very inspiring and encouraging read. You might also… Read more »

  • Book Review: The Barefoot Sisters Southbound

    This was a great read by two sisters from Maine who hiked the Appalachian Trail (mostly) barefoot. It was really cool to read from both of their perspectives and see them go through different emotions and physical issues. I was particularly interested in their story to see what a southbound hike would feel like. I… Read more »

  • Book Review: Just Passin’ Thru

    I quite enjoyed this book by Winton Porter, the owner of a backpacking store / hostel right on the AT in Georgia. He tells stories of some of the hikers coming through, some who stick around, and some who come back time and again. I’d like to get one of his pack shakedowns, where he… Read more »