Robin Bird Spring

My watch alarm went off at 4am. Today was supposed to be even hotter than yesterday so we wanted an early start. I only needed my headlamp for half an hour of hiking, until it was light enough to see the trail. Again, I needed my umbrella up by 8am to reflect the sun.


A lot of the trail was actually in or near shade starting mid morning so it didn’t seem as hot as yesterday. I still had to take breaks frequently because of the heat though.


We made it to Robin Bird Spring, fifteen miles, just at noon. It was flowing a lot better than yesterday’s spring so there was no line to fill up. There was also plenty of shade if you didn’t mind dried cow patties everywhere. I had to move a couple of times to keep my shade.

I cooked dinner there and then started hiking at 5pm. It wasn’t too much farther to Landers Meadow Camp and the spring there. I arrived while it was still light but by the time I finished filtering seven liters of water to prepare for tomorrow and its super long dry stretch, it was dark. I went and set up camp and cooked another dinner because I was so hungry.

21.6 miles today.


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  1. Trail looks pretty. šŸ™‚ Glad you found shade!

  2. How do you keep the water cool?

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