Rothrock State Forest

On Monday, Kelly and I decided to a do a short hike in Rothrock State Forest from a book called Pennsylvania Mountain Vistas.  It was nice and sunny, although only in the 20s, so we bundled up.  There was a view right at the trailhead parking to get us started.  Jo Hays Vista looks down on State College.


We crossed the street to take the Jackson Trail towards the Mid-State Trail.  The trail started out with a few rocks, quickly changing to many rocks, and then changing again to boulders.  Ah, Pennsylvania!  The next view was less than a mile from the trailhead: David’s Vista.



We continued along the mountain ridge, passing two more openings in the trees with decent views.




The last view should have been Old Pine Vista, but looking at our gps track after the fact, I think we may have turned back a little too early.  It was still a nice hike, followed by hot soup in town.



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  1. Beautiful views!

  2. PA represent!

  3. Looks lovely, and chilly!

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