Sargents Mesa

It was a warm morning and I managed to waste enough time in camp to not leave until after 9am. I hiked fairly slowly all day, and took multiple long breaks to read. I’d only done a little over 8 miles by the end of my long lunch at 2:30.

I ran into several groups of dirt bikers today. Apparently they’re allowed on this section of trail. I did see one group take off down a side trail that said no dirt bikes but otherwise they were all polite and made sure to tell me how many more were coming. They did make the dusty day even dustier with all the dirt they kicked up going by.

I planned to camp somewhere along Sargents Mesa, which would be a dry camp, but not too far from water in the morning. I had grabbed another liter from Razor Creek this morning, which people had told me I’d need a scoop for, but there was actually a little leaf spout that made filling up my bottle easy. And I didnt want to go off trail to Baldy Lake for water. Otherwise I was still pretty much carrying a full load of water from yesterday. I think the water sources will start being better/more abundant again tomorrow.

I ran into a few cows just at the end of the mesa, and the trailhead I was kind of thinking I’d camp at was really just an intersection with a dirt road, so I kept going a little farther to camp just past the intersection with the Big Bend Trail after 14.6 miles.

I finally have a view of some mountains here instead of just the trees I’ve been seeing. I’m going to sleep to the alternate sounds of cows and coyotes.

I’m camped at 11400′ after a high point of 11800′.

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  1. Hi Siren . I’m enjoying your trip.Great photos..Happy trails .

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