Scott Mountain Summit

I got a slightly earlier start today and then barely saw anyone most of the day. I did get invited to a section hiker’s camp for a beer, but it was a mile off trail and that is way too far. Really it’s two miles because I need to get back.

Back when I passed 400 miles on the PCT, there were half a dozen 400 mile markers over five miles or so. There was another one about fifty miles later. I told myself I’d make some more 400 markers randomly along the trail for fun but I haven’t followed through. Someone else is doing it though, as I passed one a couple hundred miles ago, and another one today. It makes me giggle every time.


Just before stopping for dinner, I saw an all black chipmunk. I wasn’t fast enough to get its picture, and it didn’t come back out again while I waited, but it was definitely a chipmunk. I’ve seen black squirrels before and this was not one of those.

I decided to stop early tonight to be able to both catch up on my blog and go to sleep early. I did 23.9 miles to the road at Scott Mountain Summit and set up camp on the trail. Maybe I’ll have a chance of listening to my alarm in the morning.



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  1. Black chipmunk sounds pretty cool. Glad you are giggling. 🙂

  2. Hijinks on the PCT with 400 Mile Markers, that’s funny!

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