Shelter mice

The sun was finally back today, although it may be the only day this week. We had breakfast at In the Country this morning then took care of a few more town things before heading out. We had one last ice cream stop on the way out then got going up the trail.

9.7 miles to Saunders Shelter, which is nice and large and has a privy again since we’re in Virginia! (Tennessee didn’t have privies.) The only thing is it’s overrun with mice. Not that the other shelters aren’t but they at least usually wait until everyone quiets down and goes to sleep before running around. Cocoon spotted one in the corner and all of the sudden Chris came out of nowhere with a stick and clubbed it. I’m in favor of naming him Roosevelt (“Speak softly and carry a big stick.”) but he doesn’t want a trail name. Chris retired but Cocoon is now taking over as mouse spotter and sniper and getting a few of them. I’m not really sure how I feel about this mouse killing but I do prefer they not run around and chew through my stuff.



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  1. WOW that seems like a very big man with a big stick for one little mouse. After you people are in there home…

    • That’s actually not the stick that was used, he made that spear after. The original was much smaller. The shelters are kind of our homes and the mice will chew holes in hikers’ expensive gear, eat their food, run over the faces while they’re sleeping, and then poop in their shoes for good measure.

  2. Yeah, mice = disease and damage. There’s not really a choice here.

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