Sierra Planning

I woke up early and had to get out of my tent because the sun was heating it up too much too soon. I was determined to get my chores done before anything else today though so I got back in and started sorting through my new supplies.

I can’t fit the seven days of food I’ll be carrying in my bear can so I still have a half full food bag too. I have no idea how I’ll fit them both in my pack, but I’m so hungry now that I can’t chance carrying less food. The bear can isn’t legally required for the first two days out so I’ll be able to fit all my food in it by the time rangers will be checking for it.

I went through my new maps and guide pages, sewed up some holes in my gaiters, and made sure my first aid kit was full. I grabbed a shower as soon as the store opened and then collected everything I’d need to hang out on the deck the rest of the day.

I had missed breakfast by the time I was done so I got some ice cream instead, and then was ready for lunch as soon as the grill opened. I also signed up for a pizza deal for dinner. There must be a Papa John’s in the nearest town with services, an hour and a half away, and they do a pickup on Saturdays.

A storm came in for about an hour but I was under the covered part of the deck so I didn’t have to move. The night ended with a campfire near the teepee. Great zero day!



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