Today was very slow. The fest didn’t start until evening and really there was only an all you can eat spaghetti dinner on the lineup. Most of the events are tomorrow and Sunday’s lazy river is apparently cancelled because it got colder again. It rained most of today but tomorrow should be clear so I don’t see why Sunday can’t be warmer. Everything on the trail looked super green with all the moisture today though.

I spent some time at the Hikers Ridge Ministries Resource Center again when I discovered they have free showers. I wanted to do something to help out since they offer so much to hikers so Queen Diva, who runs the place, eventually consented to letting me do laundry. I also did the hot springs themselves with several people. Really it’s a hot tub in a three sided, covered shack with a nice view and they pipe the mineral water in. Then when your hour is up, it all drains out, although I think they did give us a little extra time.

Dinner was delicious then I spent most of the rest of the night playing cards in Lucky1’s motel room and watching tv. It’s definitely colder tonight so I’m back in my sleeping bag in long underwear. Last night it was so warm I was mostly just in my sleeping bag liner on top of the bag itself.