Soda Springs

I passed Soda Springs first thing this morning on my way out of Tuolomne Meadows. It’s naturally carbonated mineral water bubbling right up out of the ground.


Next was second breakfast at Tuolomne Falls, where I sat at the base of the fifty foot falls for a while enjoying the mist.


Lunch was in a random meadow. I was having a hard time hiking because I was at the end of a book I’m reading, so I eventually just sat down and finished it so I could stop thinking about it. It’s the first in a trilogy though so it ended on a cliffhanger (Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood). I have to wait until I get a cell signal to download the next one.

There were supposed to be a few fords after lunch, but all the creeks had rocks or logs to get across on and my feet didn’t have to get wet.

I made it to Matterhorn Creek to camp after 20.1 miles. Mac got a fire going to try to keep the mosquitoes away but they just kept coming.


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  1. Love waterfalls. So beautiful!

  2. I would love to see a real hot spring!

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