I washed my legs in the McCloud River before leaving camp. The trail has been so dusty that they were filthy and it felt great to get the dirt off. Then I spent the rest of the day, my 31st birthday, hiking through poison oak and humidity.


It started raining a couple of times, but always stopped immediately. I kept hoping it would just pour already to break the humidity. When I got to Squaw Valley Creek, I got in the water and just sat for fifteen minutes to cool down. My feet were a little numb by the end of it but I felt so much fresher with the sweat washed off.


We hiked until just before dark once again, camping at a dirt road after 25.8 miles. Today was not my best day on trail, but I am still so happy to be here.

Written by Siren


Kelly Lockman

Poison Oak. No bueno! I have a feeling tomorrow will be a lot better! 😉


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