Still Wrightwood

I had every intention of hiking 20+ miles today, but I’ve only had one zero so far, I was in town with friends, and I wanted a rest day, so here I still am.

We went down to the bakery in town for breakfast and then stayed on their deck pretty much all day. Cobain is carrying a full size mandolin so I got to play for a few hours, basically until I ran out of songs that I could remember knowing the words and chords to. A local musician stopped and played it some too.


Later I went with the Warrior Hikers to a local VFW for dinner. They meet with VFWs or American Legions once a week or so to have dinner, talk with older vets, and go to people’s homes for the night. It’s such a great program, meant to help vets “walk off the war.” That’s what Earl Shaffer was doing in 1948 when he became the first thru hiker on the Appalachian Trail, and long trails in nature continue to be a great place for returning combat veterans to get some natural therapy and transition back to civilian life. Check it out and donate!

I am with Mamagoose for the night at a post member’s house. We had wine and chocolate before bed, and laundry!



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  1. Great day to pick for a zero.

  2. Get that zero in girl 🙂

  3. Sounds fun. We all need “zero” days now and again to rejuvenate. Wish I was there to hear the mandolin concert.

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