Storm break

It rained all night but the forecast this morning promised no storms until the afternoon. We decided to hike to the base of the next big mountain and camp so we’d be ready to go over it tomorrow. Then the thunder started rolling through again and we nixed that idea. I knew Whisper was nearby with Mailman’s truck so we made arrangements for them to come get us. When we got to the trailhead, Chipmunk was there too. She had hiked up a mile, and actually turned around and came back, the trail was so bad. Zeroing seemed like a good decision.

Whisper drove us to pick up some packages we’d had sent to the Flume Visitor Center at Franconia Notch. Little Bear’s package was there, but mine had been stopped at the Lincoln post office, and Stretch’s had been sent to the Lafayette Campground. It was a good thing we were in a vehicle to go get all of our things, although a woman who worked at the visitor center said she would have lent us her car if needed. She also said we could come stay with her if we couldn’t get a hold of friends in the area. And she gave us great information about weather in the Whites. Thanks, Susan!

We stopped by Chet’s place in Lincoln, a trail angel who has a free hostel in his garage, and then I was able to get a hold of Richard and make arrangements to stay at their house in Franconia. We stopped at a grocery to get all kinds of real food to cook, then made it back to their gorgeous house. It hadn’t started raining yet so we all sat in the yard for a few hours until it did. I guess we’re used to being outside too much to go inside without a need. We even sat on the ground instead of the nice deck chairs. Going back to real life after this hike might be difficult.

We lazed around the rest of the day. I had wine and cheese while reading and relaxing. Eventually Little Bear and Stretch made us a delicious steak and potatoes dinner, followed by ice cream. I’m still really hungry; I just can’t seem to fill up lately.


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  1. I have wine glasses just like that, my favorites!

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