We lazed around this morning before deciding to go to the movies. We saw The Hangover 3 matinee which was pretty funny. I feel like we had a very normal Memorial Day what with the barbecue and summer movie. Thanks, Caz and Scott!

Caz then took us on a tour of Virginia Tech’s campus before dropping us back at the trail. We had come out practically into people’s backyards yesterday and continued in the residential area for a bit before going in and out of an industrial area. It was very weird. We also saw an old cemetery that was mostly filled with Civil War soldiers but had at least one Revolutionary War soldier, the Pearis that the town is named for. We ran into some ladies that had been there the night before and swore it was haunted.

The heat was back today, along with the humidity, and of course there is never a breeze on the uphill side of the mountain. I might as well have skipped the drinking water step and just dumped the liter over my head instead since it had the same end result. We finally made it to the top though and hung out for the view outside Rice Field Shelter until sunset. It was gorgeous. Once the sun was below the mountain, we ran the next mile and a half to set up at a campsite just at dark. Only 8.4 miles today.



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  1. I love how you’ve seen Hangover 3 before me! 🙂

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