I woke up with the sun, a plus of cowboy camping, but my sleeping bag was covered in dew, a minus. It got packed up any way and I moved on down the trail.


We were in a wind farm again but this time there was enough wind to keep the windmills moving and keep us cool. We got down to a large tree near the first road to town for second breakfast, but we were heading for the second road.

We got down to Cameron Road and I called the bus to request a stop. I found out the bus would be there in fifteen minutes and we didn’t think we’d get to the highway where it stopped in time, but luckily a pickup truck was headed our way. I stuck my thumb out and everyone hurried down the trail to jump in the back. Only after we were in did I realize we were skipping trail, but I figured I could do it when I got back out. The bus turned out to be twenty minutes late so we could have made it walking. Oh well.

We got dropped off in town and immediately went to get lunch and do errands. It took about five minutes to get a ride the first time, but after that people were offering us rides left and right. It was the friendliest town!


Back to the hotel just in time to shower before dinner and do some laying around. 14.4 miles today.


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  1. Love this pic!

  2. Cute photo!

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