Adventure film time!  There are so many great shows that stop in Vermont so I had another night of films filled with beautiful scenery and daring/insane athletes at Telluride Mountainfilm on Tour.  I highly recommend going if they’ll be near you.  These were the films playing at my location:

Kamchatka Steelhead Project
Russia’s Kamchatka Penninsula is home to tons of endangered steelhead.  It’s illegal to fish for them, unless it’s for science.  This short documentary follows the angler/scientists who get to fish, I mean research, the steelhead.  Watch it online here.

The Trail to Kazbegi
Four mountain bikers head into the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia trying to link ancient trading paths on a ten day trip.  They ride through breathtaking scenery and deal with everything from storms to border patrol.  Watch it online here.

Ace and the Desert Dog
Ace Kvale planned a 6o day backpacking trip for his 60th birthday, leaving right out his front door in the Utah desert.  Ghengis, his blue heeler, joined him for the whole thing, and we get to see the trip through both of their eyes.  Watch it online here.

Equal Footing
Climbers Kim Havell and Julia Heemstra go climbing in the Wind River Range of Wyoming and reflect on being female climbers in the traditionally male-dominated sport.  Watch the trailer here.

Joe Lahout
This is a short biopic, and local for me.  Joe Lahout is a 93 year old man who was born in the apartment above Lahout’s Country Clothing and Ski Shop in Littleton, NH, and still lives there.  It’s a great little history of skiing in the northeast, most of which he’s seen.  Watch it online here.

The Accord
Icelandic surfers constantly battle the North Atlantic Wind, personified by a large bearded drunkard.  The whole movie looks frigid, but beautiful.  Watch the trailer here.

When We Were Knights
Basejumpers Matt Blank and Ian Flanders have a longtime friendship and adventure partnership.  Because of the risk involved, Matt started writing letters to all his family and friends letting them know how much he loved them in case he didn’t make it back from a jump.  Little did he know, Ian would go first.  Watch it online here.

High and Mighty
Bouldering usually involves climbing a short problem less than 20 feet high, although sometimes you’re barely off the ground the whole time.  This film takes on the higher, sometimes much higher, bouldering problems.  The climbers still have no ropes or harnesses and I spent much of the film cringing at their falls.  Unfortunately (or maybe not depending on your tolerance for watching pain), I couldn’t find any part of this film online.

One of Those Days 3
This is a fun film of French skier Candide Thovex skiing some crazy obstacles in the Alps as he avoids the authorities, all directly from his point of view.  Watch it online here.