Hot and humid again today. In the register at the shelter I stopped at after lunch, everyone mentioned swimming at the Captain’s just ahead so I decided to definitely check it out. I had already wanted to because there is a zip line to get there but didn’t think I’d be able to camp since it was a short mileage.

The Captain is a guy whose home is across a stream from the trail and has opened his property to hikers. You can camp in his yard, or on his porch if it’s raining, and he keeps a fridge on the back porch stocked with sodas for hikers as well. There is a zip line to take you across the stream although it’s currently also shallow enough to ford if you don’t mind getting your feet wet. I took the zip line, of course. He wasn’t home when I got there so I hung out for a while swinging in the hammock and playing with the three dogs. After an hour Stretch and Bass caught up and we decided to at least stay until the Captain got home from work so we could meet him. Plus it was just a nice place to hang out.

A few more hikers started showing up and the Captain got home from work so we got to meet and talk with him. We decided to just camp here and do a higher mileage day tomorrow since it was only 12.1 today. I want this property.