Three Sisters Wilderness

I spent the morning in Bend catching up on some chores and doing some gear repair. Then Clark Kent and I hitched back to the trail. We got a ride to Sisters within ten minutes and a ride back to McKenzie Pass from there within another ten minutes. Not bad for such a long distance.

We entered the Three Sisters Wilderness right from the road, named after the three Sisters mountains. There was lava rock again immediately.


We went over Scott Pass and Opie Dilldock Pass. The spring I was planning to fill up water at was dry. I guess the water report for it was old. Luckily, I still had about a liter of water left, and we’ll hit a stream early tomorrow.

The trail turned back to lava rock right as it was getting dark, of course. My favorite combination. The campsite in trees was very soon after though. 8.9 miles today.

Half a dozen mosquitos made it into my tent as I was setting up tonight. I killed one the other night too. What mosquitos are still doing out in October, I don’t know.

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  1. What is worse, lava rocks or PA rocks?

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