Tully Hole

The mosquitoes were awful this morning. I didn’t have any water left for breakfast and we were dry camped so I needed to get down the trail a little bit before eating. I stopped at a lake to fill up but by the time I’d filtered half a liter, the mosquitoes were swarming and I had to run. I stopped a little while later and managed to drink what I’d filtered and eat a few bites, and then had to run again. I stopped to eat more and finish filtering the water I’d collected, and had to run again. And so on. I had very low energy for the morning because of this.


I went through a very small valley called Tully Hole before lunch. My paternal grandmother was a Tull, which I think comes from Tully, so I thought it was cool. It was definitely beautiful.


I stopped at Purple Lake for lunch and the bugs were not as bad so I was finally able to eat a bunch of calories. I felt much better for the afternoon hike, and I passed the 900 mile mark.


I got to Crater Creek to camp, just a few miles shy of a resort we plan on hitting for breakfast. 18.5 miles today.


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  1. Nasty little buggers!

  2. Ugh. Keely got first! Just as annoying as mosquitos. 🙂

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