Tuolomne Meadows

A group of six of us want to hike down to Yosemite Valley from Tuolomne, to finish the JMT and to hike Half Dome. We need permits for both, and were not able to get any until tomorrow, so today was a zero.

I mostly sat around the store and campground, but I did take the shuttle out to Olmsted Point for a view of Cloud’s Rest and Half Dome. Looks difficult! But fun!


There was a thunderstorm for an hour or two in late afternoon, and then a beautiful sunset after.



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  1. Gorgeous!!

  2. I wanted to visit Tuolomne Meadows. Can’t wait to see pics from atop Hal Dome!

  3. Do you mean the hike out to Cloud’s Rest looks difficult or the hike you are doing tomorrow to Half Dome? Or both? I read the view from Cloud’s Rest is amazing. Btw I need to step my game up. 3rd to comment. What?! 🙂 Miss you!

  4. Love all the side trips you are taking! Making the most of the area!

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