Work has been really hectic lately so it was nice to get out for a paddle this evening.  Waterbury Center State Park is on my way home from work so that made it even better!  I met Brad on the beach of the Waterbury Reservoir for a quick picnic dinner and then we hopped in the Mad River Canoe that he made back when he worked there.

We paddled around slowly, stopping to look at a couple of the remote paddle-in campsites.  There are 27 free, first-come, first-served sites that I definitely want to come back and camp at later.  Maybe even on a weeknight – go there right from work, and go right back to work in the morning.

I still can’t decide if I want a canoe or a kayak but Brad was trying to teach me some of the canoe strokes and sway me towards a canoe.  I wasn’t getting it very well, but we spent most of the evening barely paddling anyway.

There seem to be some day-use areas scattered around too, with plenty of people out and enjoying the warmth and sunshine at the end of the day.  We probably only explored half of the reservoir so there is plenty left for another day.