Storytime made us pear compote on french toast this morning for breakfast. So tasty! We all packed up and got going back to town to do some errands. I needed to go to the library to take care of a few things and then I wandered over to the YMCA to see what other hikers were doing. The Y provides free showers and camping for hikers, although it turns out the camping is several blocks away in a park.

I saw several familiar faces there and still needed to take care of a few things so by the time we got back from the Chinese buffet for lunch, I’d decided to stay the night. I needed to seam seal my tent but of course now it looked like rain. I waited a little bit and decided to go for it. The tube of seal I had bought in Lexington had just enough to cover my tent seams.

Copperhead and I walked over to the grocery store to grab a box of wine and snacks. Jungle Jym got out his ukulele, The Dude brought out his guitar, I grabbed my mandolin, and we played music and sang the rest of the night.