It was a slow, lazy morning because it was cold out, but it was sunny too and I finally got going after 9:30. I did 13.1 miles to Woods Hole Hostel just in time for the free yoga at 4:30. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do yoga correctly with my aching legs but Neville said it would be yoga for people who had just hiked twenty miles and it was. It was perfect for hiker muscles. It was interesting to do yoga with chickens and guinea hens wandering past my head though.

Woods Hole is an old homestead where the current owners not only have the hostel and bed and breakfast, but farm, cook big communal meals, and do massage therapy. It’s a very peaceful place and I could have stayed there for a week: lots of gardens, porch swings, and rocking chairs. We had a delicious dinner of salad with homemade dressings, homemade bread, pasta with a very hearty meat and veggie sauce, and Amish butter pecan ice cream for dessert. We had to protect the bread from the chickens though, who kept trying to sneak close and jump on the table for it. A few made it.

They ask everyone to chip in with meal prep and cleanup and to do a quick chore if staying in the bunkhouse to help clean it up before leaving. Staying in the bunkhouse is basically like staying in a shelter except that mattresses are provided. But you still have to hang your food bag to protect from mice, use an outhouse, and use an outdoor shower. It’s a neat setup though.

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