It did not rain last night, but was still a little cloudy this morning. The sun soon came out for most of the day, which I spent climbing 5000′. There was some patchy snow towards the top, but it was mostly melted.


There was a half mile area with poodle dog bush encroaching on the trail so I finally know what it looks like for sure. It’s very Dr. Seuss-esque. Apparently there was a note to detour that section on a dirt road but I missed it. Oops. I just walked very carefully and I’m pretty sure it didn’t get me. I do have a rash showing up on my legs again, but I noticed that this morning so it can’t be poodle dog. I guess it’s just heat rash again. Or time-to-take-a-shower-you-dirtbag rash.


I made it to the highway after 22.7 miles just after 6:00 but it wasn’t very well traveled so it took us a little while to get a ride. Some day hikers I had previously seen building a snowman took five of us into town.


I went with Mamagoose and some Warriors to the Wrightwood Inn to grab a drink and some hot dogs, and then we moved over to the Mexican restaurant for dinner. We made it back late to Camp Wrightwood, a Methodist camp that lets hikers stay for free. Too tired to shower, that will wait until morning.


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  1. You stink! Haha 🙂

  2. Building a snowman and heat rash in the same blog post sounds odd. And yes we can smell you from here. 🙂

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