Yosemite Valley

We packed up at the backpacker campsite and headed back to Curry Village for showers. The guy in front of the shower house knew right away we were PCT hikers and gave us free showers, and insisted on giving us two towels each. I had no idea what to do with the second one since sometimes I don’t even have a first one.

Next was breakfast, resupply at the little grocery store, and then catching the shuttle to Yosemite Village. You can see Upper Yosemite Falls from right in front of the visitor center. We checked out the Ansel Adams Gallery there, had lunch, and then caught the free bus back up to Tuolomne Meadows.


The bus took three hours but it was a very scenic ride. We passed El Cap on the way out of the valley, a big climbing wall. I think I saw some people on it.

Back at Tuolomne, I found Animal and Unicorn had both caught up to us. We set up camp again and had a fire before bed.



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  1. He could smell you before he saw you. 🙂

  2. Yeah, the people are actually hard to see on El Cap unless they are moving.

  3. What was the second towel for? You guys r so stinky- you had to take TWO showers? LOL

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