Remember Jenn, who lives in a yurt in Vermont? Of course you do! I’ve been able to stay in the yurt a couple of times this winter and see what it’s like in the frigid season. As a matter of fact, it’s great! With the insulation layer installed, a fire in the woodstove quickly raises the temperature into the 70s. Check it out for yourself:

Written by Siren



Very much enjoyed this post and vid. I don’t know if you follow Ground Truth Trecking with Erin and Hig. They live in a yurt in Seldovia AK and have two very young children. They do expeditions in AK with the kids and work to save the environment. Interesting people and I think you might enjoy them. They have a few very nice pics of their yurt on their web site. You might have to search a little to find them but it’s worth it.
Good luck with your upcoming projects. You have done a super job with the yurt.



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