Apparently I have poison ivy. I’ve never had it before, thought I wasn’t allergic to the plant, but other people pointed out that’s what was on my feet and driving me nuts with itching. I borrowed some hydrocortisone cream that’s helped a little bit but I need to pick up more in town. How it got on the tops of my feet through gaiters, shoes, and socks, I have no idea. I know what poison ivy looks like generally: a vine with leaves of three, shiny, reddish stems, etc. But sometimes it’s not shiny. Sometimes it’s not reddish. Sometimes it looks like a bush instead of a vine. In other words, sometimes it looks like every single other plant in the forest. So sneaky.

We decided to take the next two days slow in preparation for the four state challenge on Tuesday so we hung out at the hostel having a movie marathon before leaving to hike: 50 First Dates, Grease, Big Fish, and John Q. I finally got out after 5pm and hiked the 7.9 miles to the Blackburn AT Center just before dark. There is a free bunkhouse and camping area and I am set up on the main building’s screened porch with my sleeping pad on a bench.

During the hike I passed the 1,000 mile mark, entered West Virginia, and finished the Roller Coaster. The trail runs right along the VA/WV border for several miles so I’m not quite done with Virginia yet though.

Plans for the four state challenge are set so we are doing it Tuesday for sure.



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  1. Good luck on your 4 State Challenge! 🙂 Poison Ivy is annoying. It could have been on your pants/shorts and if you took them off at some point and they brushed against your feet. Maybe a delayed response and you actually encountered it a day or two earlier. Just a theory. I got it from hugging my dogs..lol.

  2. 1000 miles congrats!sounds like a great trip good luck on the four state Challenge!

  3. Congratulations on your 1000 mile!! I admire your stamina. Can’t wait to hear about your 4 State Challenge! Good luck.

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