I met Jenn and Owen for a last minute climbing session at Rumney Rocks in New Hampshire.  We arrived after noon and it was so hot I was sweating just standing still but we hoped that would keep the crowds away.  Rumney is a great spot, but generally pretty packed.

I’d been climbing in a gym once a week for the majority of winter and spring but gotten too busy being outside this summer and haven’t been in a couple of months.  It’s been so long since I’ve been to Rumney though that I couldn’t turn the trip down.  I’d also recently come across and purchased the new guidebook, which I didn’t even realize had been updated last year, so I was eager to use it.

We started at the new(ish) upper parking lot, which I (again) didn’t even realize was there and was only in the planning stages when the new guidebook was published.  In fact, some of the crags we went to and routes we saw were so new they hadn’t made it into the book either.  We checked out the Northwest Territories first, but all the routes were taken there, so we headed down to Buffalo Corral instead.

There were plenty of climbers around but some were just getting off of Mild Horses (5.5) so we hopped right on.  Owen led the climb and set up a top rope for me and Jenn since we’re both out of practice.  It’s a slabby crag, which I’m also not used to climbing, so I didn’t quite make it to the top.  I need to trust my feet more.

Jenn followed me and did make it, so I tried again with her route and was able to top out.  The rock at the top was so hot from sitting in the sun that I was happy to get back down.

The next route to open was right next door, Ghost Pine (5.6).  Once again, Owen led, avoiding the corner with wet and dripping moss.  Jenn and I both made it up this one as well and I was also able to successfully climb over the wet parts, although I hate to miss using a corner.

All the other groups at the crag were super friendly and everyone was encouraging each other, but we decided to move on when no other easy routes were open.  We hiked back to the car and then drove down to the main parking lot and headed up to the Parking Lot Wall.

Jenn and I were dragging in the heat so we chose the easiest route on the wall, A Week With Pete (5.3).  It was a fun, juggy climb up to a view.  Owen led, we followed, then Owen wanted one last challenge to he climbed up barefoot to clean the anchor.

Once we hiked back to the car, we decided to head across the street for a dip in the Baker River.  It was amazing.  After a quick swim, we had a picnic dinner in the parking lot, and headed home.