I found out about Backpacker’s 2014 Be a Gear Tester contest on December 4th and entries were due December 15th. I thought I’d be a great candidate since I’m a gear junkie, I just thru hiked, I love Backpacker, and I would really love a free trip to the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City next month. After brainstorming a unique video idea with some friends, I came up with the following mockumentary:

And I won! I will be heading to Salt Lake City at the end of January to begin reporting on new gear for the magazine.

Thank you to everyone who helped me brainstorm, to all of my actors, and especially to Matt, for his excellent editing help!

Written by Siren


Keely Boyle

How do you top Christopher’s comment? 🙂 So proud of you Kris and you should be proud of yourself!!! You did amazing things this year!

Vincent Bramble

She has 2 votes here from Westmont New Jersey
We loved reading your adventure from Ga to Maine

Jacqueline Reiley

I sent you a comment but you know me and this dam IPad. I’m sending it from Vince’s. way to go Siren! You always had my vote. I knew you accomplished it before you even left in March!

Ken Owens

Awesome video! I LOL’ed at the “Kristin, Kristin, SIREN, that is not trail magic”!


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