Blues Skies Return

It was still a little breezy this morning, but there was finally blue sky visible. I left a donation for Mike and ran out before 7am to avoid getting stuck there again today. Trail angel houses can be like vortexes and you just get sucked in forever. Or maybe I’m just easily tempted.

I did about ten miles to the next water source and took a long break there for lunch, and then filled up my water containers for the fifteen mile stretch to the highway. There turned out to be two water caches about halfway there but you can’t rely on those.



I stopped at 5 for dinner and then did a few more miles. As the sun was going down, I was climbing up, so I got a very extended sunset. 22 miles total for the day.

My feet are feeling pretty good, although I have two blisters on my right foot that reappeared today. I’m not one to normally get blisters; I had maybe a handful on my whole AT hike and those were due to socks wearing out. The PCT has not been nice to my feet though. I’ve had several blisters, I assume thanks to all the grit making its way into my shoes. I thought they’d all subsided while I rested at Kick Off but I guess two weren’t totally down for the count. They don’t bother me enough to drain them myself though. I wait for that to happen naturally.

I also discovered some raw spots on my inner thighs while putting sunscreen on my legs today, just where my shorts seams end. I never had chafing problems before the PCT either. Bag Balm to the rescue! I carry it to massage into my feet every night any way and turns out it’s also good for chafing.

Hopefully within a week all these issues will subside. I’m feeling great in general.


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  1. Glad to hear you are feeling great! 🙂

  2. How many more miles to go until your our of the desert?

  3. I just caught up on ur post . I was as far back as when you left half of a pizza in the tent. Glad you have blue skys now.

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