This book by David Miller was different from the other ones I’ve read so far. The writing was a lot more dry in some places as he was more detailed in the things that actually made up his day as opposed to talking about his thoughts and philosophizing. It was quite an interesting read because of that, since I’d like to know the minor details of actual life on the trail. He hiked mostly solo, only partnering with others sometimes and rarely for more than a day. He does mention the other hikers by name but not all of them are given distinguishing details so sometimes it was hard to keep track of who was who while reading. Miller also was at a different stage in his life than the other authors I’ve read, already being established in a career and with a young family. I especially enjoyed his thoughts on leaving his job, since that’s what I’m potentially doing. He has actually since gone back to that job, but he now also publishes The AT Guide, which from what I’ve seen recommended is one of the better guides out there. I plan on getting a copy as soon as the 2012 version is out.