Book Review: The Barefoot Sisters Southbound


This was a great read by two sisters from Maine who hiked the Appalachian Trail (mostly) barefoot. It was really cool to read from both of their perspectives and see them go through different emotions and physical issues. I was particularly interested in their story to see what a southbound hike would feel like. I had originally planned on a southbound hike because you can start later in the year but now I’m reconsidering that. There are much less people going in that direction, which can be an awesome thing, except that I’d be hiking solo and would prefer to be near larger amounts of other hikers. In any case, they go over their southbound hike in this book, but they actually did a yo-yo. The story of their turnaround and hike back north is in a second book, which I plan on reading at some point.

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  1. Let me guess, you chose northbound! 🙂 lol. I am surprised you didn’t yo-yo!

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