The bugs were relentless today, especially at shelters and large campsites, which are the convenient break spots. I gave in and used some of Stretch’s deet this morning but basically all that did was make my sweat smell like deet all day. The bugs still landed on me. I ended up only taking two breaks that were more than a minute long but they were at overlooks with the wind whipping to keep the bugs off.

Black Rock Overlook was early in my hike this morning and was gorgeous. Thunder Ridge Overlook was the longer break for lunch. We talked to some Scottish tourists there who are here for a couple of weeks. We also went by an FAA tower that looked like a giant soccer ball, and we went through a rock formation called The Guillotine.

Right now we are camped at the Gunter Ridge Trail crossing. It’s only 14.5 miles in, shorter than planned for the day, but there are relatively few bugs here and we weren’t sure if there’d be tent sites at the next shelter. I’m eating a dry dinner since I didn’t fill up at the last water source but it’s worth it. I’m already set up and in my tent to avoid the few bugs that are here. I can laugh at them from inside the mesh.





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  1. If you see this Ive heard dry sheets will keep bugs away you just stick them in your pocket or some place.Nothing to spray on you either,

  2. The Guillotine looks awesome! đŸ™‚

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