This absurdly warm weather is helping me get some miles in.

Week 2
43.6 miles:
1 hiking
36.6 biking
6 walking

Challenge total to date: 71.6

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West River Drive #bicycle #ride

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Some thoughts so far on the challenge:
– I consider hiking to be on a trail/out in nature and walking to be on pavement/in town.
– I was going to start counting climbing miles but I doubt I will climb more than a mile outside this year so it’s not worth all the figuring out of route heights to track it.
– The original challenge said that biking miles can only account for 25% of the total but I’m hoping to bike more in place of running, which I hate, so I’m not putting any limits on it.
– So far my spreadsheet has columns to track hike, bike, walk, run, and paddle. What other ways I can get some miles in?

Who’s going to join me?