It rained all of last night but today had blue skies and sunshine. The temperature dropped about 20 degrees though so everyone in the shelter got a late start. I left Grayson Highlands State park immediately and was soon on to Stone Mountain, which reminded me of the high desert in Montana with all the scrub brush. I stopped for lunch at the next shelter then on the following road received trail magic. Some day hikers had a cooler full of fruit juices and orange wedges that were delicious.

My legs started to feel sore soon after that, probably from all the rock hopping I’ve been doing the past few days, so I started to slow down a little bit but still made it in to camp by 6:30 after 17.6 miles. Bass was already starting a fire so we helped collect firewood before cooking then hung out there for a while. Freeze warning tonight so the fire was nice to have to help us warm up first.


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  1. I just noticed the transition to trail name on the blog. Cool!

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