Spoon had arrived shortly after I’d gone to bed but I couldn’t hear it over the neighbors.  I got out of my tent this morning to find him already making wonderful breakfast sandwiches for us.  It was actually an appropriately cold morning for the time of year so hot breakfast was extra awesome.

We took our time packing up but were still ready to go pretty early.  We left the bulk of our stuff in the car and used the day packs Spoon had brought up for everyone instead.

Back to Sophie’s Lane and we enjoyed a flat dirt road walk for a few miles.  It turned into an overgrown skimobile trail after that and provided one very short look at Third Connecticut Lake before climbing up to the Canadian border.  Spoon had driven up to the border and walked down to meet us at that point.

You might think we were at Canada, we must be done, but not yet.  The Cohos Trail turns away from the border and hikes you out to Fourth Connecticut Lake, the headwaters of the Connecticut River, takes you in a loop around the tiny lake where you can’t even see it most of the time, then back out on the same trail to the Canadian border.  Only then were we finished.

We were technically between countries as we took our finish photos with a shot of whiskey then walked back along the fence to America.  7.1 miles for the day and 166 miles for the trip.

My one regret from this trail is that I never saw a moose in the part of New Hampshire that everyone says has more moose than people.  We fixed that on the way home.