Day 13 – Holy Cross

After breakfast, Whisper and Mailman headed back to the truck and I moved on down the trail. It was way rockier today than it has been so far, and steep in jagged sections. It was cloudy all day and I got sprinkled on off and on, although never enough to put my rain jacket on.

I entered and exited Holy Cross Wilderness, and entered Mount Massive Wilderness. I am camped at Rock Creek after a long 16.1 miles. I had meant to go a little farther to get me closer to a 14er I’m climbing in the morning but I didn’t get to camp until 7:00 as it was.



I ran into a lot of runners today, checking out the trail for a race on Saturday. Apparently the Leadville 100 is happening. Eight hundred racers will be on the trail on Saturday. I’m not sure how much of it exactly takes place on the CT but at least some of it does so it should be an interesting day. I’m a little worried about finding a place in town tomorrow night now though. I planned to check out Leadville.


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  1. I see that you’ve been rocking a new hat 🙂 I like it! Haha! Let us know if we can ever do a mail drop. I miss you lots!!

  2. We can always bring you back to Minturn for the night if the hostel is full, as long as we can return you to the trailhead super early tomorrow!

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