Today was a planned zero to go to Dollywood! And Dixie Stampede! They were awesome. Stretch had mentioned Dollywood to me over a week ago and that’s when I started planning to go there. Dixie Stampede was a last minute addition, well worth it. Saint Nick decided to join us last minute too.

I didn’t even really know what Dollywood was at first, I thought it was like Graceland or something, but it’s an amusement park. I haven’t been on a roller coaster in years so we got there and started with the first row in an old school wooden one that goes 55mph. And we hit every other coaster there, in addition to a bunch of other rides. It must be off season because we didn’t wait more than ten minutes for any ride, and some we didn’t wait at all. There were even a couple of rides where we got wet, which was nice since it was in the 80s today. Log flume! And there was a section of carnival rides including swings, scrambler, etc. Totally fun!

Dixie Stampede is like a Medieval Times dinner, except rodeo style. It started out with a pre-dinner bluegrass show by Mountain Ruckus. Then the actual show consisted of lots of horse tricks, some history, pig races, ostrich races, and lumberjack contests. All served with a delicious four course meal. It was a blast!

The only sad thing about today was that Dolly Parton was not actually present. I felt sure she’d be there and then we’d be best friends. Maybe next time.




There were also some buffalo at the Stampede, which reminded me of this awesome video:

Please proceed to youtube and watch all four episodes. You will thank me.


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  1. Jacqueline Reiley April 10, 2013 — 9:06 pm

    Yeah, Dolly is my BFF but she doesn’t know it!

    I really enjoy “hiking” with you and the gang..I look forward to hearing about this everyday.

  2. Yes, “thank you” for the guy on the buffalo vids 🙂 They were awesome!
    Glad to see you are doing so great on the hike Kris. Hey, you seem to be very aware of your mileage and you are covering lots of ground – do you feel you are traveling fast or a steady pace or slow in general? It seems like fast, but I don’t have much perspective.

    • I think I’m doing an average speed. Some days I do higher mileage than other people, but it evens out with the zeros and neros I’ve taken. I know some people who are slightly ahead of me and some who are slightly behind me, and I tend to run into people hiking at a different pace than me pretty often. Mileage will start to go up faster once I get to VA, which is relatively level.

      • I hope you realize that I’ve had “Guy on da BuffaaaloooOOO” running through my head all day. Was that the intention? My kids thought it was funny too.

  3. that is so awesome! i love dolly. that is too bad she wasn’t there.

  4. I want to go to Dollywood now!! 🙂

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