It rained all night but wasn’t windy so we stayed dry in the center of the pavilion. We thought the rain might stop between 10 and 12 so we weren’t in any hurry to get moving. Jeremiah and Rebecca decided to go to a nearby gas station and grab coffee and breakfast, while Kelly and I stayed warm in our sleeping bags.

Once they got back, we started moving and getting ready for the day. The rain did stop by the time we rolled out after 10, but we put our rain gear on anyway since we had a fair amount of road riding today.

I was struggling today, with my right hip flexor and left quad just above my knee being really tight and painful. It was a long, slow ride into Herkimer, but we eventually made the 23.5 miles to Jeremiah’s grandma’s house after 2.

We had stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things on the way there and some older woman yelled “Biden sucks!” at me in the parking lot. Kelly and I have had Biden/Harris 2020 flags on our bikes for most of the ride but this was the first time someone took exception to it. I’m surprised since we’ve definitely been rolling through Trump country. A couple of people have complimented the flags.

There was hot pizza waiting for us at the house, not to mention showers and laundry. Grandma also kicked our butts in Yahtzee, as usual. It was a great visit.

Around dinner time, we packed back up to go to Jeremiah’s cousin’s house nearby for the night. Their newly-licensed teenage son picked up our dinner order for us and we got to catch up with them for a while before retiring to the heated camper to sleep. Since tonight will get down to freezing, it’s a wonderful place to be.