Xrays show nothing, but I was advised to get more imaging later if the pain doesn’t go away: MRI or bone scan. Unfortunately, my insurance won’t cover anything but the ER out of state, and I am not planning on going home yet. I’m going to stick with my two weeks of rest plan. My official diagnosis is “foot pain.” Very helpful. Then I found out when I got home that stress fractures wouldn’t show up this soon any way.


I did learn that another hiker I know had stress fractures back before the Sierra, and he took a week off, eased back into hiking, and has been fine since. I saw him last week. So that’s encouraging.

I’m still happy with my plan. The trail around Crater Lake, which I would have hit next, just got closed completely due to fire, and I would have hated to miss it. Also, it’s 100 degrees out. I have big plans for knitting, baking, and watching TV in air conditioning before I get back to hiking.


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  1. Sweet tan lines!

  2. Speedy recovery!

  3. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. You have golfer feet tan lines 😉 Rest’em up and get back to it!

  5. Good plan. Rest mamma resstttt!

  6. Good idea! Rest, recover, take care!

  7. Feel better!!! And nice tan lines!

  8. Foster the Mountain Dog August 19, 2015 — 5:59 am

    Being thoughtful to your paws is paws for thought!

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