Xrays show nothing, but I was advised to get more imaging later if the pain doesn’t go away: MRI or bone scan. Unfortunately, my insurance won’t cover anything but the ER out of state, and I am not planning on going home yet. I’m going to stick with my two weeks of rest plan. My official diagnosis is “foot pain.” Very helpful. Then I found out when I got home that stress fractures wouldn’t show up this soon any way.


I did learn that another hiker I know had stress fractures back before the Sierra, and he took a week off, eased back into hiking, and has been fine since. I saw him last week. So that’s encouraging.

I’m still happy with my plan. The trail around Crater Lake, which I would have hit next, just got closed completely due to fire, and I would have hated to miss it. Also, it’s 100 degrees out. I have big plans for knitting, baking, and watching TV in air conditioning before I get back to hiking.