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We got a relatively early start from the shelter this morning but didn’t go far before stopping at an 1890 farm to check it out. We couldn’t get in all the buildings but it was neat to walk around. The farmhouse had a perfect porch swing we hung out at for a while since it was raining. A little further along the trail was an old schoolhouse we could also go in, and a Settlers Museum that was unfortunately closed.

Right after that, Stretch and I ran into Cocoon again and hiked with him into Atkins. We all met Bass at the Barn Restaurant for the 16 oz hiker burger. I also had fries, blackberry cobbler, and ice cream. Delicious! We headed back up the trail and shortly after stopped at Davis Cemetery, a tiny little fenced area with falling down and mostly unreadable gravestones from the 1700s – 1800s. Then at the next road, we hopped off the trail to check out Davis Valley Vineyards. We got to taste ten wines, then we bought two bottles to drink there, sitting in the sunshine, and two bottles to pack out.

After walking through a pasture full of cows, we ran into Long Island and Burrito and decided to camp there to finish our wine. Only 6.5 miles today but we had lots of interesting field trips along with hiking.




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  1. Kelly Lockman May 21, 2013 — 9:16 am

    Burgers, wine, ice cream and beautiful views! You are living the dream! 🙂

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