We didn’t have as far to go today so it was a lazy morning. Well, it was about the same distance as yesterday, but with no mountains. We couldn’t go farther because of a ferry we need to take that only runs in the mornings. I still woke up early but it was nice to lay in my sleeping bag for a while, especially since I am getting sick. Most people around me on the trail have had bad colds recently, and it seems like the remaining people started it today.

There were two small hills this morning, about 400 and 600 foot climbs each, but they were very gradual. Then the rest of the 16.9 mile day was almost flat. It was fantastic. I started two hours later than yesterday, and finished an hour and a half earlier.

I doubled up on dinner tonight since I was starving all day from not eating a full dinner yesterday. Papa Bear picked us all up some cold medicine so hopefully that will help me out as well. I headed to bed early since it started raining.

9 days and 154.6 miles to go!



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  1. Richard Windish October 7, 2013 — 2:39 pm

    glad to see that rhiner is still out there too! go team!

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