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Yesterday I did a Spring Forage Walk with “Wildman” Steve Brill. It was a two hour walk at a local land trust, but we actually didn’t even walk very far because there were so many wild edibles everywhere. He told us which parts of the plants to use, when to harvest them, and how to prepare them. We were able to do some harvesting ourselves and I took home some pokeweed, redbud pods, wild ginger, and lemon verbena.




Yesterday also marked the beginning of another challenge! The Play Outside Challenge just encourages you to play outside for 30 minutes every day for the 30 days of June. Easy! So tonight I went for a bike ride after work, seeing a beautiful sunset and picking up some garlic scapes from Kelly, and then I went home to cook my harvest.


The pokeweed was a little concerning since you have to boil it for a while, in two changes of water, to get the poison out. Hmm. Why am I eating this? For fun! Once the boiling was done, I sauteed everything together and it was delicious.


I still feel okay so it worked!

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  1. Interesting!! Several people have taught me what we can eat in the forest and I can never seem to retain that info & get nervous!

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