We got dropped off back at the trail by 11:30 and it was gorgeous out. Sunny and 40s. Since it was almost lunch time, I only hiked a little while before stopping and eating my leftover pizza, which was extra delicious on the trail. I got down to short sleeves for a little while today but the wind was still cold so back to long sleeves for most of it. My knee was still bothering me this morning so I took some ibuprofen and put some kinesio tape on it, although I doubt I did it correctly. I’m not sure how much either of those helped me, it was still sore all day. On the more gradual uphills was the only time I didn’t feel it but downhills and flats hurt. I did a slow 9 miles, pulling into camp at Bly Gap around 4:30. There are a lot of people camped here and I ran into some familiar faces and some new ones.

The big news of the day is that I am now in North Carolina! One state down! Hopefully the weather will be improving now too.

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Written by Siren


Jason Arrow Newcomer

Loving the Blog. You seem to be a natural. So sweet you brought the mandolin Loving it. Happy Trails!


Andy and I have been reading all your posts Kristin!!! Yesterday Andy sought out an Appalachian Trail documentary on Netflix so that we can learn more about it too… keep going, we’ll see you in Maine in no time! 🙂

PS- Baby’s first lobster was a huge hit- can’t wait to give it to him/ her.


I’m glad you liked it! Remember I told you a while ago, I had something amazingly lobsterific for your first child 🙂


you’re too funny… baby’s first lobster, an important life landmark. 🙂

I must admit he startled me a moment when I saw him staring up at me in the bag… eeek! Hehe.

Vince and Cindy

That’s great that you are moving along, hope that your knee’s heal, keep on going as we know you will do it ! Best of luck and be safe


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