Glen Pass

I climbed the final mile to Glen Pass this morning at 11968′. I got a late start and it was hot early so it took a little while. There was no snow on the south side and only a little bit of snow on the north side so it was very easy to navigate.



Today was absolutely gorgeous, lots of alpine lakes and meadows, but hard, lots of elevation change and rocks. I thought I’d be able to make good time going downhill for several miles but it was too rocky to move quickly. I didn’t get to the bottom around 8500′, where I’d planned on eating lunch, until almost 2pm. I caught up to a few other people there and learned everyone was going slow.

Right after lunch, I went over a very swinging suspension bridge, passed the 800 mile mark, and went by the Woods Creek Slide, part of the creek that rushes down smooth granite for a while. It looked like a fun ride.




I started heading uphill again, with the intention of getting over Pinchot Pass, but I was just too slow. I didn’t want to wait until I got over the pass that late to eat dinner, so I stopped and cooked a few miles ahead. The mosquitoes are coming out in full force so I had to cover all skin and put my head net on.

Jabba, another AT ’13er, walked up while I was eating. I knew I had just missed him in town so I was hoping to run into him. He does really big miles so I probably will not see him again on this trail.


I decided to go a few more miles, even though I knew I wouldn’t make it over the pass before dark. I’m only a mile away though so I plan to get up early and get it done. Only 15.7 miles today. I need to start getting up super early again if I’m going to be this slow.


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  1. Love that bridge. 15 miles sounds like the norm for JMT without really pushing your limits and still enjoying big passes.

  2. He looks like Forrest Gump!

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